A Complete Solution

Scalable solution that adjusts to your size of labs needs. Designed to be Cost-Effective and provide Rapid Deployment, get your lab running in less than a week in most cases. Intuitive design from inception, ELIS/LIMS is easy to learn.

A Complete Solution

Cloud-based, multi-user suite that provides sophisticated business intelligence, live stats, logs, and graphs for all sample activity.

Acurate Reporting

Rule generated reports with internal and/or external instrument interfaces. Infinitely customizable combinations of tests and panels.

Metrics and BI

Live, real-time visibility into all elements of the lab business. Automated tracking from end to end.

Instrument Integration

Interfaces directly with all lab instruments requiring no 3rd party software

Run Multiple Locations

Our architecture allows you to run multiple locations.


24/7 support direct phone lines. No outsourced call center.

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